The director manages the Authority, is responsible for its activities and represents it externally. He makes decisions as to the manner in which the Authority’s primary tasks are to be carried out, approves internal regulations and makes decisions with respect to personnel questions regarding officers and employees who work for the Authority. He is responsible for the Authority’s interdepartmental collaboration and is a permanently invited member of the Security Council of the Slovak Republic. The draft statue of the Authority, draft of the legislative, conceptual and strategic documents and Authority’s performance review materials concerning assigned tasks are submitted to sessions of the Slovak government. Information is provided to the National Council of the Slovak Republic as needed to audit the Authority’s activities.

The Authority’s director as of June 1st, 2012 is Jozef Magala.

Past directors include

 František Blanárik  September 16th, 2006 – May 31st, 2012
 Aurel Ugor  January 29 th, 2004 – September 15th, 2006
 Matej Sudor  October 3rd, 2003 – January 28th, 2004
 Ján Mojžiš  June 18th, 2001 – October 2nd, 2003
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