At the head of the Authority is its director, who is responsible for its activities, manages the Authority and represents it externally. During his absence he is substituted by the Deputy Director to an extent previously determined. The Deputy Director is normally responsible for the coordination of the Authority’s individual units and project teams. The Authority is organisationally divided into departments and directly managed divisions. Departments are divided into divisions.

The NSA Office coordinates the Authority’s individual units and provides and conducts essential administrative and organisational activities connected with the management and function of the Authority. It also supports legislative and law matters of the Authority, carries out personal and salary policy of the Authority, coordinates international cooperation, builds and develops external relations and cooperation with state bodies, academic community, and public sector and provides communication towards the public.

The Security Clearance Department conducts activities concerning security clearances of citizens and entrepreneurs and provision of dossiers to the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic deciding on fulfilment of conditions of a judicial competence of judge nominees. Except issuing national security clearance certificates for access to national classified information it issues security clearance certificates for access to NATO and EU classified information both for persons and entrepreneurs.

The Technical Department conducts accreditation and certification processes in the field of classified information protection (concerning areas of personnel security, security of information, physical security, and information assurance), encrypted protection of information, facility security, cybersecurity, and trust services. It operates Authority’s CISs. It coordinates and fulfils tasks within the National Security Analytical Centre and National SK-CERT unit.

The National SK-CERT Unit fulfils tasks of national CSIRT unit and other tasks in the field of cybersecurity.

The Regulation and Supervision Division fulfils tasks in the area of the provision of inspections, audits and supervisions. It issues positions and methodologies to generally binding legislation and international agreements and documents in the gesture of the Authority. It grants and revokes qualified status. It elaborates conceptual and strategical documents, security and knowledge standards, certification policies and signature policies, policies of behaving in cyberspace, rules for prevention of cybersecurity incidents and rules on incident solutions. It elaborates analysis and reports on the status of classified information protection, encrypted protection of information, cybersecurity, and trusted services, and it advises appropriate measures, drafts of generally binding legislation and other binding documents within the competence of the Authority.

The Economy and Operations Department administers the Authority’s budgetary affairs, coordination in the process of effective management of financial recourses including accounting, reporting, management and maintenance of the Authority’s property and Authority’s public procurements.

The Internal Security Division assures internal security of the Authority and conducts physical and technical protection of the Authority’s premises. It carries out internal and finance inspections, it processes complaints and petitions.

The Internal Auditor carries out internal audit of the Authority and fulfils other tasks according to the Act on Financial Inspection and Audit.


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