NBU-2017-03-01-landscape-EN At the head of the Authority is its director, who is responsible for its activities, manages the Authority and represents it externally. The director is named and recalled by the National Council of the Slovak Republic upon a proposal from the Slovak government. The director serves a seven-year term.

The deputy director of the Authority is responsible for the coordination of its individual units and stands in for the director during his or her absence. Organisationally, the Authority is divided into departments and directly managed divisions, with the individual departments further divided into divisions.

The structure of the Authority has been optimised several times throughout its existence, with these changes primarily related to added tasks and competencies. The current internal structure was designed with emphasis on achieving efficiency in process management.

The Security Clearance Department conducts security clearances of citizens and entrepreneurs and issues certificates required to access classified NATO and EU information; it also provides dossiers to the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic whitch are necessary in a judicial electorial process.

The Cyber Security Department drafts policy concerning the security of classified information and signature policy for trust services. The section issues security standards and methodologies, certifies technical equipment, mechanical barriers and technical security equipment, other equipment, cryptographic systems to protect information and electronic signature products. It coordinates and manages tasks and activities based on conceptual and strategic documents in the area of cyber security and fulfils the tasks of the central cryptography authority.

The NSA Office coordinates the activities of its individual units, is responsible for the legislative process involving the Authority, implements human resources policy, covers international collaboration and carries out the Authority’s public communications activities.

The Economy and Operations Department administers the Authority’s budgetary affairs and performs other activities involving the administration of government property and public procurement activities for goods and services. It also secures maintaince and the smooth operation of the Authority’s information systems.

The Inspection Division conducts compliance audits concerning the rules for the protection of classified information and concerning the conditions for providing services related to electronic signature. It also conducts testing of security employees, including verification of professional competencies in the field of the cryptographic protection of information.

The Internal Security Division acquires, aggregates, analyses and verifies information about security risks related to the scope ofb the Authority’s activities itself and its civil servants and employees. It also provides physical and technical security for the Authority’s building.

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