In relation to the appointment of the authority to serve as a central state administration authority for cyber security since 01 January 2016, the authority operates the Slovak Computer Emergency Response Team (SK-CERT) unit. The unit provides services related to management of security incidents, removal of consequences thereof and subsequent restoration of activities of information systems in collaboration with the owners and operators of these systems.


We can say that the beginning was on 01 May 2009 when a Cybernetic Protection Department of the Information Security and Electronic Signature Section was formed in the organizational structure of the authority and included a unit (later a specialized office) of computer security and incident response (SK CSIRC – Slovak Computer Security Incident Response Center). Since its creation, this department has performed the CERT-type office tasks for the need of the authority, national contact point for cyber protection in relation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, other activities implied by the Memorandum of Understanding between the Slovak Republic as a member state and the NATO. It operated as a point of contact for the Slovak Republic to the European warning system Network Security Incident Alert Mechanism (NSIAM). NSIAM ceased to exist on 01 July 2017. Today information about incidents are sent to CERT-EU, which distributes them within its own network.

To support these activities, the authority started the operation of the first phase of an independent communication tool for early warning and ministry cooperation when solving cyber security incidents KIS Apeiron.

The unit kept developing its operating activities, which resulted in the fact that since 21 March 2014, the director of the authority ordered to create the Security and Operation Monitoring Centre of the SK CSIRC on the foundations of the unit. Its powers (and performed activities) are extended, it also assumes the task of the cyber security guarantor in the National Security Analysis Centre. The new unit started to publish regularly, as classified KIS, formalized documents (Bulletin, Appeal, Report, Warning, Situation Report) and blacklists.

Another activity is the participation in international exercises, including the Cyber Coalition international exercise organized each year by the NATO. The unit also co-organizes this exercise in the conditions of the Slovak Republic.


In relation to the appointment of the authority to serve as a central state administration authority for cyber security since 01 January 2016, the authority has built a new specialized SK-CERT unit. The previous SK CSIRC no longer exists; it was merged into the SK-CERT.

This is related to the development of relations with the EU and the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). Since 01 January 2016, the authority has served as the contact point for cyber security vis-à-vis the European Union. This means, without limitation, a strong international representation at the level of working groups of the Council of European Union and the EU Commission as well as building efficient relations with the ENISA in which the representative of the authority is also a member of the administrative council representing the Slovak Republic.



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